Everywhere in nature, life expresses itself in reoccurring patterns of health and vitality. All trees reach for the sun with their leaves and branches to gain the nourishment they need. In each form of life, there is a pattern that carries the unique signature of its vitality, the life within and behind the form. Human beings have very subtle and refined patterns of vitality that flow within them.

Equilibrium Craniosacral -
a biodynamic approach
Equilibrium Craniosacral is a gentle and yet profound healing systems for the human being. At its depth, it works with the subtle currents of life energy within us, and how they manifest themselves in the fluids and tissues of the body. With the client lying down on a massage table, the practitioner uses a very delicate touch to perceive the flow of these life forces within the body, carried within the subtle flow of the liquids and in the tissues. With training and practice, the different levels and manifestations of this Primary Respiration System can be felt, flowing like the waves and tides of the ocean.
The Breath of Life
The cerebrospinal fluid ("liquor") has a healing quality. It protects and nourishes the central nervous system. The subtle motion of this fluid can be perceived in all the tissues of the body. It is similar to a gentle inhalation and exhalation; hence it is called the Breath of Life; it is the Primary Respiratory System of the body, subtler and deeper than our breath. It carries a sparkle of the life force within it.
The body heals itself
Listening from a quiet space to this manifestation with his hands, the practitioner supports the system to find its natural balance. This is both very relaxing and at the same time stimulates the healing forces of the body that are always there. We simply assist the Primary Respiration to find a new balance between its healthy resources and any restrictions that are held in the tissues of the body. In this way, the body can heal itself, and the potency of the fluids can permeate all the cells and organs once again. The practitioner learns to support the PR system through the hands, as well as verbally guiding the client to create more space and new states of balance.
What type of conditions benefit the most from the Craniosacral work?
Equilibrium Craniosacral, in working with the deepest core of the body, treating a wide variety of conditions and symptoms, such as headaches, migraines, chronic back and neck pain, hormonal imbalances, stress, sleeping disorders, birth traumas, PMS and posttraumatic stress disorders. It also seems to be particularly effective in supporting the healing process of chronic illness conditions.
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