The Breath of Life concept - A training based on the perception of the fluids and resources of the Primary Respiration in the Craniosacral System.

The Training
In the biodynamic Craniosacral Training, we learn to work in a holistic way with people; the whole body-mind is included in our approach, allowing the individuals we work with to fully blossom in all dimensions of health and well-being.
The background of our approach reaches back to the beginning of the 1900’s when Dr. W. Sutherland, an osteopath and pioneer in the cranio field, first developed and applied it clinically. Since then, many skilled practitioners have both deepened and shared their exploration and experience, refining one of the most delicate of all healing arts to an exquisite level. The training is based on the studies and the work of Dr. R. Becker, Dr. J. Jealous, F. Sills, M. Shea and Bhadrena Tschumi-Gemin and Kavi Gemin.
Who is this training for? What is the content?
Our course is open to body workers, therapists and healing professionals, or indeed anyone who would simply like to enter into a deeper experience of themselves. The training is based both on the anatomy and physiology as well the embriology of the primary respiration system, and on the gradual accumulation of experience of the many manifestations of the PR system as we practice the various approaches and principles presented.
The topics of the course include understanding and perceiving the Primary Respiration as an expression of the Breath of Life; the mobility and motility of the fluids and tissues in the body with the membranes in the cranium and around the spinal cord; and practical ways of centering and verbal communication with our patients in relation to the resolution of trauma.
Learning through experience
The seminars are built on developing perceptual and palpatory skills, taught in an easy way through theory and practice sessions. The session exchanges give each participant first-hand experience of the work on themselves as well as feedback from their partners and from the assisting staff in the training. Any inner process we enter into through the sessions is supported through introspection and meditation. Between seminars, students will practice and study in depth the material presented.
The training consists of 6 seminars (S.1-6), each 7 days, and one seminar (S.7) of 3 (4) days, and is taught over a period of approximately two years with time between each seminar for practice and home study. At the end of the training there is a certification process to become a biodynamic craniosacral practitioner. The seminars build on each other and need to be attended in sequence. They can be booked individually or as a whole.
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